home maintenanceIf you are a new homeowner or seasoned homeowner in Arizona, you already know that owning a home is an expensive endeavor. You must look at certain things before investing in your new home in Arizona, and if you already have a home, you must keep your home well maintained, including its phoenix roofing.

Keeping your home in good condition offers you an excellent resale value on your home when you hold it in proper maintenance. It offers excellent curb appeal to prospective home buyers. You need to plan on adding or replacing several things from the roof of your home to the basement of the home and everything in between. On a new home in Arizona, all of these replacement costs eventually must be done in the future. Make sure when purchasing an older home (a new home in Arizona to you) that everything looks in good repair.

When you buy a new home in Arizona that home can be an older home, new to you, make sure, number one that it has an excellent roof and find out how old the roof is because roofs last 15-30 years depending upon the type of roof and the value of the materials used. Buying a new home is an expensive purchase, and you certainly do not want to buy a new roof in addition to all the other costs associated with the acquisition of a new home in Arizona.

If your home does not have a good roof, you risk damaging the whole structure of the home from the floors to the walls, insulation, and the home support system. If the home does not have rain gutters, then water from the roof falls next to the foundation, and you run the risk of problems with the home’s foundation. It is an excellent idea to get your roof checked annually and get the needed repairs done by a quality contractor. And, if the roof is over 15 years old you may need a replacement.

It is nice to know that no homeowner should allow more than three layers of shingles on their roof. Three layers are the limit, at which time the roofer removes all layers of shingles, down to the underlayment, and sometimes new underlayment must be applied, before applying a new roof.

home repairsThere are many other attractions to your home offering curb appeal such as is the siding on your home dated? Does it need replacing? Does the home show good care?

. Does the home have enough sound Insulation in the attics and walls?
. Is the paint coming off the outside of the home or are the walls cracked and show paint peeling?
. Are there cracks or holes in the walls?
. What condition are the wood floors or carpeting?
. What condition are the windows and are there any missing windows or screens?
. Is the furnace dated? Take a look at the utility bills over the last year.
. Is the water heater, newer or older and is it leaking?
. What shape is the conditioning system?
. What kind of siding does the home have?
. Does the lawn and garden area offer excellent curb appeal? Look closely at the grass, garden, trees, shrubs, walkways, and driveway.